The Canon XL Camcorders

One of the more popular prosumer digital camcorders in the last few years has been the Canon XL series -- high-quality, 3-CCD digital camcorders that have been used in making many documentaries.  

We are showing the camcorder here, not as an "ad," but simply to illustrate some of the features that are typical of a professional camcorder.

Some of the controls are shown to the left and below. These provide an idea of the features and versatility of a unit of this type.

The controls on the left are revealed when you flip open a panel under the Canon name. (Refer to photo above.) The blue window at the left of this photo has information related to recording time


The controls above are associated with tape control.

On the left you can see the settings for recording. You will note that among other things they allow you to switch between the 4:3 and 16:8 aspect ratios.

This camcorder can make use of the wide variety of lenses used on Canon's 35mm still cameras.

More detailed information on this particular camcorder is available at the Canon website.

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