There is much that is good in the United States.* But some things could stand improving. The following is for people who feel that they should just sit back and enjoy things the way they are. (Are there some ideas for documentaries here?)

The U.S.* As Number One

It has been asserted that among industrialized nations the United States is:

#1 in childhood poverty
#1 in not ratifying international human rights treaties
#1 in murder
#1 in drug use per capita
#1 in air pollutants per capita
#1 in hazardous waste per capita
#1 in lowest voter turnout
#1 in likelihood of children being killed by gunfire
#1 in corporate influence over democratic processes

*CyberCollege and InternetCampus visitors come from more than 50 countries. If you are not from the United States, I'm sure a list could be drawn up for your own country.

Many believe that broadcasting is a more powerful influence on most young people than the home, the school, or the church.  Assuming you secure a position in the industry, one of the ways you can give your life added meaning is to be a bit of a "change agent."

This means that you invest some of your energies, talent and training to make about a positive difference in the world.

There are many world problems that need attention.  Consider just this one fact:

Every two and one-half seconds a child dies in the world from malnutrition or preventable disease.

At the same time, according to the USDA, a full 25% of our food is thrown away in the United States. Only 5% of this total would be enough to feed four million people each day.

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