Television Production Word Squares 

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Clues are at the bottom of each word square page. When you find a term in the square, draw a line through all the letters as shown below and number it according to the number of the clue. Terms may run vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. However, letters are not put in reverse order. No spaces are used between words.

The numbers in parenthesis tell you the number of letters in the term. Most of the terms in the puzzles are terms that are identified in red in the text. When you are finished, you can enter your score in the blank provided.

Word squares do not fall under copyright restrictions and may be printed and handed out for classroom use. Note: the alignment of the squares will vary slightly between the Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers

sample word square

Note: Instructors should note that there are also new tests for use in the classroom. Information is available by sending e-mail to the author with a From CyberCollege subject.

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