Meeting Saint Peter

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>>After reading Fog's article on Hate Radio, I had to write this.

If I ever meet St. Peter at that fabled Golden Gate and he asks me what I did with my life I would choke a bit in telling him I spent my life promoting hate and discontent.

Now I ask you this: do you think he would credit me with living a worthwhile life?

I live in a small town in a mountainous southern area where the only station I can get is a talk radio station.  And all day long it's a parade of right-wing types who belittle and make fun of the President and those around him.

I wasn't sure at first if I'd vote for Obama in the next election and I definitely don't agree with him in many things, but right now I'd vote for him just to get back at these who make their living spewing out hate.

>>I guess some of those who do this try to justify it to themselves by thinking they are on the side of good against some un-Christian  evil.

But if I remember my Sunday school days correctly there are several Bible verses saying we would be accountable for honoring our leaders.  It didn't add, as long as we agree with them in all things. 

-Small town Duane

Editor's Note:  Fog discusses this here and here.

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