Parasite Ads


From email

 You may have to completely uninstall the browser, reboot the computer, and then reinstall the browser to get rid of these unwelcome ads.

>> I know you claim to have an ad-free site but, suddenly ads are popping up on your pages, mostly by words on the screen suddenly  having double lines that takes you to an ad.

I complained to our IT person and he traced them down and said that some company was attaching ads based on the subject matter.

He said that it was undoubtedly without your knowledge or permission -- and without your sharing in the money they get from cashing in on the popularity of your site.

He had to dig into each of the infected computers at our school and delete some code to get rid of them -- a very time consuming process when his time would have been much better spent doing other things.

Whenever I think that advertising schemes have sunk as low as they can go, I'm proven wrong.

Are advertisers so desperate for attention that they have to resort to underhanded tricks and screw up people's computers?

Apparently they are.  (See Shooting Themselves In The Foot.)

These are parasite ads, uninvited additions to your computer, generally resulting from downloading or updating a program with this advertising scheme included.
These and other questionable schemes reflect poorly on the whole advertising field.

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