Quotes From Ma

Ma never wrote anything down, herself.† These quotes were taken from her talks.

In whichever direction you may turn your gaze you will find One Eternal Indivisible Being manifested. Yet it is not at all easy to detect this Presence, because He interpenetrates everything. As a King is known by his majesty, as fire is known by its heat, so the Unmanifest reveals Himself through the world of manifestation. †

>>> The analysis of the substance of all created things, if carried sufficiently far, will lead to the discovery that what remains is identical and equally present in all creatures: it is He, it is That, which is styled as Pure Consciousness.

>>> As the confining prison walls of the ego are broken down, you will become more and more persistent and wholehearted in your pursuit of Reality.†

>>> The Universal Body of the Lord comprises all things -- trees, flowers, leaves, hills, mountains, rivers, oceans, and so forth. A time will come, must come, when one actually perceives this all -- pervading Universal Form of the One. The variety of His shapes and guises is infinite, uncountable, without end. Just as ice is nothing but water, so the Beloved is without form, without quality, and the question of manifestation does not arise. When this is realized, one has realized oneís Self. For, to find the Beloved is to find oneís Self, to discover that God is oneís very own, wholly identical with oneís self, the innermost Self, the Self of the self. ††

>>> Through breath energy, Consciousness pervades Matter. Everything that is alive breathes. When breath stops, you die. Physical life depends on breath. Through Prana, matter becomes alive. Desires and wandering mind make the breath impure. Therefore, I advise the practice of concentration on breathing combined with taking any one of Godís Names. If the breath and the mind become one--pointed and steady, then the mind expands to infinity, and all phenomena are included in that one all-inclusive point. If you think of God with the breath it will purify the prana, the physical sheath and the mind. If you breathe while thinking of Godís Name, you will feel the call of His grace.†

>>> Bear in mind that Godís Name is He Himself in one form; let it be your inseparable companion. Try your utmost never to remain without Him. The more intense and continuous your efforts to dwell in His Presence, the greater will be the likelihood of your growing joyful and serene. When your mind becomes vacant, endeavor to fill it with the awareness of God and His contemplation.††

>>> The Self, or God is unknowable to the ordinary intelligence, but He is not unknown to us as the life--breath. If one uses the rhythm of oneís breathing as a support in meditation, this increases oneís power. Therefore, one should daily sit in a meditative pose in a solitary place and turn the mind inward, and repeat the mantra in rhythm with oneís breathing, without straining, in a natural way. When through prolonged practice, the Name becomes inextricably linked with the breath, and the body is quite still; one will come to realize that the individual is part of the One Great Life that pervades the Universe.

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