Ma and What Is

Part 7

Ma said, in effect, to constantly "think God" so you can ultimately become one in your thoughts with the singular, omniscient consciousness of the universe.

Ma's concept of God was quite different than the "man up there" view. Her understanding was closer to the "all pervading consciousness" concept of today's theoretical physicists.

She said that in daily meditation, and even throughout the day, we should silently repeat a name for God -- any name we associate with this Ultimate Self. Ma recommended getting into the habit of synchronizing breathing with that silent repetition.

The ultimate goal is to move beyond the illusion of duality and know -- even mentally merge with -- the singular essence of creation.

And On a Very

Personal Note

>>> And, finally, let me recount a personal experience.

Not too long ago I had a dream involving a small child.In the dream there was this little girl that was in the process of following her father through a revolving door.

Her father went on, but the little girl stopped and looked back at me.

It looked as if she was going to get left behind, so I tried to catch up with her.

The dream was over, but the meaning was yet to come.

A few days later I read this, which was a direct (translated) quote from "Ma" (a name that many people translated to "mother" in their language).

I am a little child and you are my parents. Accept me as such and give me a place in your hearts.

By saying "Mother" you will keep me at a distance.Mothers have to be respected. But a little girl needs to be loved and looked after and is dear to the hearts of everyone.

So this is my only request to you: to make a place for me in your hearts.

A coincidence? If you say so.

* We have a bibliography of available books on Ma here. Unfortunately, beyond these, much of what has written about her is not in English.

The rather famous book, Autobiography of a Yogi, is now in public domain and available for free from various Internet sources.

Chapter 45, which talks about Ma (or Ananda Moyi Ma), provides a bit more information on this enigmatic woman.

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