Ma and What Is

Part 6    

   What initially struck everyone about Ma was that she had no ego -- something that people who met her repeatedly commented on.

Yes, she had a body, but, as she constantly reminded those around her, her body wasn't her -- it was only a temporary, aging vessel for "the real her."

The real "her" resided somewhere else -- and a place that she regularly visited and a place that put her in a state of spiritual ecstasy. (Maybe a place that she was just "on leave" from?)

But she didn't have to travel a few million light-years to get there; she arrived by shifting her awareness from the physical domain to some "other world" dimension.

Having an individualized ego suggests a separate "I" in an "I-thou" duality. Being egoless, Ma experienced the "two" as one -- or what's called non-duality

This has long been the underlying but commonly misunderstood goal of most religions.  More recently it has been advanced by leading edge scientific thought.

Ultimately, the "I" is a temporary but necessary illusion -- an illusion that Ma saw through.

>>> Even without effort Ma was strikingly beautiful in her youth. When she walked into a room all eyes shifted toward her.

In her early life her very womanly features and her long, glossy back hair are repeatedly mentioned. (Predictably, women asked what she did to make her hair look like it did.)  Even so, her lack of ego meant that she cared little about her looks.

As she aged, and especially as she struggled with the maladies from others that she took upon herself, she started to look worn, tired, and haggard. In her later life one of her disciples wrote that he was embarrassed for her.

Ma placed herself in our shared illusion, but she didn't get stuck here.  She was aware of people's thoughts and needs, although they were miles away. Distance was irrelevant; time was irrelevant. 

The latest scientific theory recognizes this "beyond space and time" state as ultimate reality.1

1 Ma's words and actions suggest quantum physics concepts, although at the time listeners appeared not to understand this. 

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