Should Conservatives Read This?

Note: We strongly encourage readers to submit authoritative studies that contradict any of the following.

The Brains of Liberals

A recent poll by the Pew organization found that among all U.S. scientists only 6 percent identified themselves as Republicans, while 32 percent were Independents and 55 percent were Democrats.

The vast majority of awards for advancements in science go to the more liberal Democrats.

Some research explains this.

>>A study by a psychologist at the London School of Economics found that young adults that identify themselves as "very liberal" score an average of 11 points higher on IQ tests than those claiming to be "very conservative."

It was found that liberals tend to be "more open to new ideas" rather than "being slaves to primitive impulses."  (The Week, March 12, 2010) 

A recent study at New York University that compared the brain activity of self-proclaimed liberals and self-proclaimed conservatives showed that liberals have greater neural brain activity associated with complex mental functions.

This suggests a greater ability of liberals to "monitor complex information," which in turn is associated with more readily accepting new social, scientific and spiritual concepts.

At University College in London the brains of liberals and conservatives were scanned and compared. It was found that the brains of liberals had a larger part of the brains associated with processing and analyzing conflicting information. Conservatives had a larger part of their brains associated with fear and threat. Consistent with these findings, an earlier University of Nebraska study found that conservatives were less trusting of others.

These differences are born out in the approach of liberal and conservative broadcast pundits and in differing political campaign strategies.

According to Chris Mooney in Discover Magazine it is something of a badge of honor among conservative Republicans to be hostile toward science. He says being a true Republican requires adherents to don "ideological blinders," denounce climate change as a hoax, and even question evolution.

>> Fox News, the conservative news site, reports that studies have shown that conservatives tend to be more sensitive to threatening faces, while liberals tend to be more open to new experiences.

Those who contribute new innovations and ideas to society tend to be in the green area.

Note: As always, we welcome fact-based letters of disagreement on any of these issues.

>>The first one was by a woman who said that this was a case of "mind over what matters." While the things in the article may or may not be true, conservatives are more religious, and that more than makes up for "hollow worldly accomplishments."

>>Then there was this: "On your site you have the quote, 'I've got my mind made up, don't confuse me with the facts.' Confuse is the wrong word; they won't be confused, they will just stick to what they want to believe and get angry at or simply disregard people who provide evidence to the contrary.

"...Why do you think so many people continue to watch Fox news, even though it's well known that it 'selects' the truth? [Link suggested.] Simple. Fox News presents 'the facts' its viewers prefer to believe and omits or discredits facts they would prefer not to believe -- and consequently the ratings and profits stay high."

And, finally, one person said, "Why is it a surprise that liberal scientists (which you admit most are) would find positive results for liberals in their studies?"

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