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I am really upset!!  

I read Frederick Horne's "Purple and Pigs," and that got me to thinking how bad animals are treated and then I went to the PETA website and read all those horrible things they do to animals.

...I can't sleep at night thinking about it. ...How can people be so totally cruel and unfeeling? ...I don't even want to live on a planet with such people!

New Brunswick, Canada

Charlotte, rather than just feel depressed -- a condition that doesn't do anyone any good, especially you -- you could do something about it.

There are many organizations that focus on doing something about animal cruelty.

One, started by doctors who fight against inhumane animal experiments, is Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine or PCRM.

You mentioned PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).  They have done some "over the top" things to call attention to their cause. (Have you seen the ads featuring nude celebrities with the slogan, "I would rather wear nothing at all rather than fur?")

Possibly their critics wouldn't be so quick to ridicule their cause if they saw first-hand the types of cruelty PETA, PCRM and other organizations like them fight for on behalf of creatures that can't speak for themselves. 

And, keep in mind, Charlotte, that there is no more powerful tool available to change public thinking than the one that this website can teach you about: video production.

BUT: Videos have been so effective in motivating the public to stop the inhumane treatment of animals that some states have passed laws against filming the inhumane conditions animals are subjected to.

We have yet to see whether these laws will withstand an effective legal challenge.

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