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Business, Sex, and Morality

We live in an area served by Adelphia [cable] and just saw its founder and his two sons on TV being arrested and hauled off in handcuffs charged with defrauding his investors out of billions of dollars.

When they bought their cable system here they banned all of the adult channels because they conflicted with their "devoutly religious principles" and they didn't want to contribute to the decline of morality in the country.

 Is there something wrong with this picture?

Just Wondering in California

The strange relationship between sexual ethics and business ethics is not new.

For example, Rupert Murdoch, one of the largest media owners in the world, espouses conservative values while cashing in on the profit-generating potential of sex. Based on indecency complaints lodged with the FCC, his Fox network is by far the most risqué of the major networks, while his Fox News is considered the most conservative.

Your final question is a good one.

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