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Laura Logan

>>Those who feel that covering wars is a man's job apparently don't know about Laura Logan, chief foreign correspondent for CBS News.

For more than a decade Logan has broken many stories, including the abuse of Iraqi orphans in June 2007, a report that made headlines around the world.

Logan, got her start in journalism in high school. She was born in Durban, South Africa and graduated from the city’s University of Natal in 1992 with a degree in Commerce. She also holds a diploma in French language, and culture and history from the Universite de L'Alliance Francaise in Paris. In addition to French, Logan speaks Afrikaans and Portuguese.

>> Among the awards Logan has won are: an Emmy in Sept. 2007 for her Iraq war report, "Ramadi: On the Front Line," and four American Women in Radio and Television Gracie Awards. In addition to regularly being seen doing reports in the thick of battlefields, Logan was even a guest on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno on Oct. 15, 2007 -- despite the fact that this show is on NBC and is not known for serious discussions on current events.

Logan has led a colorful and at times controversial personal life but she has managed to get important interviews and stories where others have failed.   She has been criticized for flaunting her beauty. (While in college she worked as a swimsuit model.) Logan is married with two children.

  • In February 2011, while on assignment for 60 Minutes Logan was brutally attacked in Egypt and had to be hospitalized. These injuries resulted in several subsequent hospitalizations. She was covering the jubilation in Egypt following the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

    According to the Committee to Protect Journalists Logan was one of nearly 140 men and women news correspondents who have been injured or killed while covering the political unrest in Egypt since Jan. 30.

  • In late 2013, Logan and a segment producer were suspended from CBS for an indefinite period after a piece they did was aired based on conflicting and apparently erroneous information.
    An internal CBS investigation alleged among other things that they did not adequately check on the veracity of one of the story's major sources.

    In a similar, but more famous case, Dan Rather left CBS as an evening news anchor when a story regarding George W. Bush's questionable stint with the National Guard was broadcast. 

    Although Rather was apparently ushered out of his job at CBS news as a result, we now know that, although one of the sources for the story was questionable, the account was later shown to be true -- a finding that received little or no publicity after the fact. 

A much more detailed biography of Lara Logan is available on the CBS News site.

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