Glossary of Film and Electronic Media Terms

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U-matic Trade name for the 3/4-inch tape format invented by Sony.

UHF (ultra high frequency) Television channels 14 to 83.

ultradirectional A mic with a highly directional response pattern.

UV filter (ultraviolet filter) Transparent filter that absorbs UV wavelengths. Used to help penetrate haze and give clearer video of distant views. Also used over a lens simply to protect the surface of the lens.

umbrella reflector A white or silver umbrella with a bright light placed near the center used for creating soft light.

unbalanced line Audio sources associated with non-professional equipment which rely on two-conductors. Unbalanced lines tend to be susceptible to hum and electronic interference. See also balanced lines.

underexposure An inadequate amount of light from the lens being transmitted to the camera's target resulting in a dark picture specifically, a loss of shadow detail and a compressed gray scale.

underscan Video display scanning technique in which the entire video signal, including black parameter retrace portions, is displayed on the CRT.

unicam Camcorder. A combination all-in-one camera and recorder.

unidirectional microphone A microphone with a cardioid pattern of sensitivity that is primarily responsive to sound coming from one specific direction.

union scale A basic salary for specific jobs set by a union. [

unipod Monopod. A camera support consisting of a single, adjustable leg.

up-cut Switching to a videotape late, resulting in momentary loss of video or audio at the start.

up-link A ground-to-satellite transmitter link.

user bits Additional digital information that can be recorded within the SMPTE/EBU time code. A limited number of user bit letters or numbers can be entered to register reel number, date scene, take, etc.

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