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quad mic A four-element microphone designed to detect quadrants of sound around a full 360-degrees. See quadraphonic sound.

quad; quadruplex The original system of tape recording in which four rotating video heads record and play back the image. The tracks on the tape are nearly vertical as opposed to those in longitudinal recording.

quadraphonic sound A system of sound reproduction that goes beyond stereo and attempts to record and playback a 360-degree sound perspective. See quad mic.

quality A dimension of light relating to its hardness or softness. See coherence.

quality control form (See discrepancy report.)

quantization error The difference between the actual value of the analog signal when it is sampled and the resulting digital word value.

quantization Related to the process of converting an analog signal to a digital signal. The accuracy resolution is dependent on the total number of bits in the final digital word.

quarter-inch tape A standard width of audio tape used in audio cart machines.

quarter-track An audio tape recording system that divides the tape into two sets of stereo tracks. Two tracks are recorded as the tape moves in one direction and two tracks are recorded as the tape moves in the opposite direction.

quartz lamp Tungsten-halogen lamp. Widely used in television and film production, an incandescent lamp with a number of internal improvements over standard lamps, including a consistent color temperature and uniform light output over its life.

quartz-iodine A very efficient and very bright incandescent light.

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