Glossary of Film and Electronic Media Terms

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NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) The primary trade organization representing the interests of commercial broadcasting.

NABET (National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians) Union for technical personnel.

nanosecond One-billionth of a second.

NCTA (National Cable Television Association.)

needle drop The single use of a transcribed musical piece, generally for a fee.

neutral density filter; ND filter A filter that reduces the light coming into a camera lens without altering its color.

neutral set A production set that does not suggest a specific setting or locale.

neutral shot A head-on shot of a subject with no evident screen direction. By inserting a neutral shot between two successive shots taken from opposite sides of the line of action, screen direction can be changed.

news cooperative A broadcast station association in which news stories are exchanged between members.

news director The person responsible for the content, production and presentation of a newscast. Exact responsibilities depend on the news organization.

news producer Although responsibilities vary widely, producers are generally under the news director and in charge of specific newscasts. Producers often write basic transitional news copy.

newsworthiness Elements which make a news story interesting and noteworthy from the perspective of an audience.

night viewing device An optical light amplifier that makes possible the taping of scenes under virtually no light.

no fax A rehearsal without cameras, sets or lights.

noddies Cutaway shots of an interviewer's visual responses (nodding, smiling, etc.). Noddies are useful as transition devices during editing.

noise Any background interference in video or audio signals. Typically manifested as hiss or hum on sound tracks, and as snow or graininess in video.

non-composite video signal Video signal containing picture and blanking information but no sync signals.

non-directional microphone A microphone with a circular polar pattern of response, equally sensitive to sound from all directions.

non-diversity antenna Use of a single receiving antenna for a RF mic system. See also diversity system.

non-drop frame SMPTE time code that runs in continuously ascending numbers. These times will not perfectly match actual elapsed time when NTSC color system is used. See also drop frame.

non-linear editing  In contrast to linear editing, an editing approach that can assemble segments in a random order, in the same manner as a word processor.  Segments can be moved, deleted, copied and altered before being output to an edited master.

non-segmented A video recording process in which a complete (as opposed to a partial) video frame is recorded or played back with each pass of a video head.

non-volatile memory Computer memory that is not lost when electrical power is shut off.

normal lens A camera lens that gives a normal image perspective and has a focal length approximately equal to the diagonal of the focal plane.

NTSC (National Television System Committee) A professional group that sets television standards. The TV color system laid down by the National Television Standards Committee is used in the United States.

NTSC standard Normally refers to the 525-line, 60-field system of broadcast television which combines chroma with luminance information into one composite signal.

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