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Notes for Instructors

>>The modules were completely revised in early 2006. Minor revisions were made in June of 2007. This link has more information on the revisions.

Certificate of Completiondivision markerAn 8 1/2 X 11 Certificate of Completion for the on-line Mass Communication course is now available.

Although the certificate has some color, it prints out well in black and white.

The file, which is in the GIF format, can be loaded and then saved to your computer. The link is available by writing the author.

It is recommended that copies of the certificate be printed out directly from your computer in the landscape format, and not photocopied. (If you try to print out in the portrait mode, there will, at best, be inappropriate cropping, and photocopies generally result in some loss of some of subtle shading.) The certificate should fill an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper.

If you budget allows it, you may want to consider special paper -- possibly rag, or textured paper with a light beige tint. We would also recommend that you sign and date the certificates in blue ink.

division markerE-Mailing Test Results. The New Internet Explorer 7 browser has an option to send the results of the interactive tests to an instructor.

Go to FILE, and SEND, and FILE BY E-MAIL and fill in the e-mail address. Because e-mail programs differ, this procedure should be checked at your facility before alerting students to the option.

division markerTo facilitate finding and moving to the modules a new Java index system was added on the main Index page. If JavaScript is turned off in the Internet Explorer browser this will not be visible. (Other browsers don't seem to start with this no-Java, blocked content setting.) You have the option of returning to the old index system through the link on the Index page.

division markerThe CyberCollege Forum includes controversial material that can be used to spark classroom discussions and debates.

Animation Issue

>>Some firewalls, such as ZoneAlarm, shut off animated images. This will affect some images on this site. (The dove on the left should be flying—although not necessarily getting anywhere.) In ZoneAlarm animation can be restored by going to Privacy, Ad blocking, Custom, and uncheck the box animation. Other firewalls and browsers have similar options.

>>This whole project is considered a collaborative effort. 

This means that we all have a responsibility to catch errors, make suggestions, and, in general, make sure that these materials become more and more useful to all of us.

Send Mail

>>It is essential to use a FROM CYBERCOLLEGE subject line.

This is the only way that your message will get through the heavy spam filtering.

Basic information on the use of these cybercourses can be found here and here.


New Color-Coding Scheme

>>Although a great many people go through these modules on an individual basis, a great many users are in classrooms. To try to accommodate a greater range of needs, we've devised a color code for links.  

A little yellow square in front of a hyperlink ( -- ). This indicates background reading. This material is not included on the interactive tests, although it may help in understanding the concepts covered.

A blue square in front of a link ( - ) indicates technical information. This type of information is designed for advanced classes and professionals; and, again, this may or may be required by an instructor. These areas will also be expanded in the future to meet the needs of advanced students.

A red square is reserved for ( - ) external links that have related information. This information is not included on the interactive tests, but an instructor has the option of asking that you read this information. CyberCollege and the InternetCampus have no control over the content or availability of these external links.

And, finally, there are the required reading links marked with a green square
( -- ). These are covered in the interactive tests and puzzles.

Links that are not marked with a colored square are considered self-explanatory.

>>Although these materials are copyrighted (resulting from unauthorized attempts to alter and republish the text and illustrations), they belong to all of us. Thus, we are "all in this together."

This means that you should feel to--and even feel some responsibility for--recommending needed changes. We'll all benefit from your input.

Here's the address for suggestions and corrections:

These materials are now available at:

>>Depending on your academic calendar you will need to approach this course in your own way. However, it may be helpful to look over a sample calendar of activities relating to TV production. (Click on the various months at the top to see the schedules activities and hyperlinks.)

Ron Whittaker, Ph.D.
Professor of Broadcasting.

Copyright Notice: Although you are free to use the materials directly from the Internet, the English, Spanish and Portuguese modules and illustrations are protected by U.S. and international copyright law and may not be reproduced in any other form.

The rationale for the copyright limitations is explained here .

To print them out for distribution, or to reproduce them in any other form is a violation of copyright.

There have been attempts to modify these materials and use them in other contexts. To protect the continued availability of the materials, I would appreciate your bringing any such violations of copyright to my attention

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