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Internet screening software can and often does block out valuable and worthwhile information--right along with things considered by most people to be objectionable. 

To cite one ludicrous example, chicken recipes and valuable information on breast cancer have both been blocked by filtering software because they contained the world "breast."  At the same time, demented and sick material regularly gets through filters because it doesn't contain any of the programmed "triggers."

Codes have been used for many years to indicate content that adheres to certain guidelines. The following Freedom With Responsibility code is designed to help address concerns about the content of specific Internet sites.

The Freedom With Responsibility Code

Although the code is voluntary, copyright and trademark restrictions on the logo and text provide some measure of control over their use. Freedom With Responsibility Code

In order to display the Freedom With Responsibility Code logo a website must adhere to the following five points:

1. If the site is sponsored or underwritten by an organization or institution with commercial, political or religious vested interests or aims, this must be made clear to the average reader.

2. Taken as a whole, the site cannot aim to debase, malign or vilify any race, nationality, religious group, sex, sexual preference, or age group.

3. Apart from obvious parity, the site cannot espouse information generally known to be false or misleading.

4. Content considered to be violent or sexual in nature cannot portray or espouse practices generally considered to be pathological or sociopathic in nature.

5.The site does not use techniques intended to  commercially exploit personal information from users. This includes passing such information along to a third party.

If you are interested in displaying the Freedom With Responsibility™ Code logo, and if your site fully adheres to these five points, feel free to use the logo with its linked text.  You may make cosmetic changes to the page to fit your site, but no changes can be made in the written content.

Freedom With Responsibility Code 

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