Not-So-Technical Addendum -





Video Camera and Time Machine

>>Stock footage archive houses constantly get requests for footage for productions, which, for a fee, they are generally happy to supply. Much of it consists of actual news footage documenting specific events.

However, the following* gave them pause. Among the requests from researchers and video and film producers has been authentic footage of:

  • Socrates
  • Moses parting the Red Sea
  • George Washington crossing the Delaware
  • Jesus Christ requests (requests for both video footage and still photos)
  • the Founding Fathers signing the Declaration of Independence
  • Lewis Carroll, reading from his work
  • the first hot-air balloon ascension (in 1783)
  • the first lunar landing, shot from the perspective of the moon's surface

*These are just a few examples of actual requests compiled by William Cole, a New York-based documentary producer. They probably also bolster the argument that History should be a required subject in school.