Flying Saucers and UFOs

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  • Since the following article was originally published by Fog, several countries have released thousands of pages documenting UFO sightings. The United States, which reportedly has the largest file of sightings, encounters and photos, has not. 

    Unfortunately, Fog was not able to see any of the following documentaries during his lifetime.
  • One of the best and most recent documentaries on the subject, UFO's The Secret History, was produced by the History Channel and is available from sources such as Netflix.

  • Also see Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sittings On Netflix for personal experience accounts by some of the most qualified and respected observers in the U.S.

  • And, finally, if you are still a skeptic about the existence of UFO's, see the feature-length documentary, Out of the Blue, (one hour and 45 min., 2002) available on Netflix and some other sources.


Flying Saucers

(Original Fog article)

Copy of purported secret government memo at end with topic updates.

People in the panhandle of Florida are claiming they've seen flying saucers.

In these parts we have the dubious distinction of being one of the most frequented areas of the country for the elusive critters.

People out West have to travel to some place in Nevada for a similar opportunity.

Interestingly, some of the people who have seen these things represent some pretty respectable, feet-on-the-ground types.

Not prone to Elvis sightings or making things up in order to get attention.

Even so, the government's explanations has leaned toward swamp gas and weather balloons.


But, given their personal experience, many people in these parts aren't buying the government's explanations. Neither are the people who have followed these things on radar screens.

Personally, I had never put much stock in flying saucers...

...but when I started noticing how much effort the government seems to be putting into explaining away the reports, I began wondering..

...and I started thinking about the issue.

Why might our government be so desperate to "explain away" thousands of UFO sightings?

For a brief moment let's just assume that this flying saucer stuff is true.

What would a accountable government like ours do?

There are basically two choices:

-tell the truth

-lie like hell

Given the demonstrated technology implicit in these things, we would clearly be witnessing an intellectually superior species.

We would no longer have our egocentrically central place in "our" God's universe -- the one that our religions want us to believe.

You may recall that before the evidence became overwhelming, "the Church" staunchly maintained that the sun revolved around the earth and the earth was the center of the universe.

In other words, mankind -- with emphasis very much on man at that point -- was at the very center of all of what God created.

To find out that wasn't true was enough of a shock...

...but finding that there are species in the universe that were clearly superior to "man" would be even more ego deflating.

Fundamentalist preachers — the kind that we always seem to hear from when it comes to religion — would have to scramble to reinterpret scriptures to keep the faithful from questioning religion...

...the very thing people tend to turn to when they feel threatened by things like this.

Not good.

Plus, in the face of superior technology such as this, the military of the US-of-A might look a bit inadequate and unprepared to cope.

A technology far beyond our capabilities to defend ourselves?

Not at all good.

So should a government do?

Lie about it.

Cover it up.

Or hide the evidence...

  • For the good of the people.
  • For the good of the military
  • For the good of the government.
  • And for the good of all those votes associated with fundamentalist religion.

Sort of makes you wonder.

Editor's notes:

Although Fog cites the need to protect religious beliefs for withholding UFO information, except for some fundamentalist groups, this is now questioned.

A more plausible reason has always been the perceived U.S. national security vulnerability.

Of course after decades of denying and trying to explain away UFO's the US government would find itself in an awkward position to suddenly acknowledge their existence.

In mid-2007, France became the first country to fully open its UFO files. The French can now access some 10,000 documents about UFOs, including photographs, police reports and videos sent in by witnesses.

Although countries including the UK, Russia and Mexico have released their data on UFOs, the United States has been reluctant to do so, even though many famous cases, especially those surrounding Rosewell, have been reported.

  • The following is a (rather poor) photocopy of a supposedly leaked U.S. Government document on the subject.

The report above is posted near the infamous "Area 51" in Nevada."


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