Here in rural Florida a lot of people are freaked out over the Internet.

The prevailing opinion seems to be that it was invented for one reason only.

To more effectively distribute pornography.

Satan's latest tool.

These are probably the same people who objected to two-piece bathing suits, long hair (on men) and the Revised Standard Version of the Bible (when it was first published).

In case you aren't from around here, two piece bathing suits have pretty well caught on.

And these days even redneck truck drivers have long hair (not to mention bushy beards)...

...the same truck drivers who used to have bumper stickers suggesting interesting fates for "longhairs." (Longhairs were either hippies, pinkos, or fags; and most probably all three.)

And the Revised Standard Version of the Bible — which I'm told was denounced from some pulpits as being both a work of Satan and a Communist plot — is now being quoted in the same pulpits...

...when it best supports the Rev's viewpoint.

And now it's the Internet.

As near as I can figure, most of these "I'm basically agin' it" types share at least one of three things in common.

  • They are computerphobics and need justification to stay away. (I'm not inept, I'm just being "good," but I'll pray for you!)
  • They have little experience with the Internet. (If I don't understand it, it has to be bad.)
  • Except for a curious enjoyment of sophomoric sex jokes, they don't handle sex (in almost any form) very well.

According to 1999 statistics, there are 500,000 sites on the Internet devoted to religion...

...which means there are more sites devoted to religion than to so-called pornography.

Whatever pornography is.

Personally, I consider starving children, families living on the street, torture, and the endless wars raging around the world to be obscene...

...and people making love to be a much more natural and a far less destructive act.

We see pictures of the first every night on TV (with the children present!).

But the latter is widely condemned...even outlawed.

Are we screwed up, or what?

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