Fog's Posthumous Writings


Why is it that you have to wait until a person is dead before you find out these things?

n early 2004 Frederick "Fog" Horne passed from this earth at age of 89. His beloved cat had died about five months earlier.

A short time thereafter, Fog's sister, Irene, contacted me from Arizona and said that she had collected all of Fog's belongings from his Florida sea-side trailer. At the onset of his illness Fog mentioned to her that I could be entrusted with his computer files.

It was some time before I had an opportunity to sort through these files, but, finally, I was able to spend a whole weekend going through Fog's writings and correspondence.

During that weekend I learned far more about Fog than I had found out in the several years we corresponded. The first thing that hit me was how humble Fog had been about his experiences.

Although he tried to come off as a "lowly, beleaguered small-town newspaper reporter," I found that he had corresponded with some notable people -- primarily in science and religion. Plus, under various names Fog had written pieces for many publications.

Fog made a bit of money doing this, but Irene said that he died with only $382.00 in his bank account. In going through his computer files, I found out why. There were computer files listing significant donations to charities.

Why is it that you have to wait until a person is dead before you find out about such things?

In exploring the content of the files, I found that Fog, being a typical never-quite-satisfied-with-what-you-write writer, had made some changes in the columns that had already been posted. In the coming months I will try to revise his original columns accordingly.

There were also some complete columns which were not published. Some pieces were not finished, and we assume he intended to come back to them at some point.

Making decisions on what should and what should not "see the light of day" has troubled me for some time. However, as time allows, I have decided to add "posthumous writings" to this site.

I trust that Fog and his old cat, who are "up there" together somewhere, will approve.

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