The Poison in Guilt

I've heard that the underlying problem of most people in mental institutions is some form of guilt.

That wouldn't surprise me.

Our parents start on us at an early age. 

  • "Why did you do such-and-such?"
  • "Why didn't you do such-and-such?"
  • "When are you ever going to learn to do such-and-such?"

And then the preachers take over.

  • "We are all sinners and have fallen short?" (Some very, very major fire and brimstone penalties implicit in that one.)

  • "You must mend your unclean ways." (This almost always relates to sex, that most natural of all forces in God's creation that we're supposed to feel totally guilty about — unless it happens to fall within a particular Rev's guidelines.)

If you think about it, this sin is sort of like giving a two year old a poisoned lollipop and telling him not to eat it.

Would any court in the land acquit you of the inevitable consequences of that?

Like I said, according to psychiatrists, guilt causes more people to go over the edge than any other cause.

Not surprising I guess...

...considering how religion tries to attach guilt to most things that interest us.

Of course, you can rise above all the "sin," "guilt" and "hell" hoopla..

... and use your God-given intelligence to arrive at some reasonable conclusions on your own.

The truth is out there.

You just won't find it in many churches. 

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