Conspiracy Theories

No matter who or what you think is out to get you... can find ample evidence to support the notion.

Is it the government?

Join a right-wing, survivalist, or skinhead group and you'll soon be convinced that...

...there's a major plot underway to pollute, undermine and eradicate your "superior race" and take over the country.

Is it the Devil?

Hey, are you blind? Just look around; everything that's bad (or not approved by us) is caused by him.

He's behind every unsavory thought and image, behind every bush, ready to jump out and get you!

Join us (and contribute lots of money) and we'll save you and the few very special and select people like us who are Godly enough to understand.

How about the move to single world government by those master planners in the Trilateral Commission?

You didn't know? Open your eyes!

There's evidence all around that an elite, secret international group has a master plan to create a single, worldwide currency and make us all slaves to their economic master plan.

Can you say "Illuminati?" Didn't you know, they've been plotting this for centuries. Wake up!!

And, how about those demonic space aliens?

They are in the process of taking over our world!

Another of Satin's master plots.

What did you think this flying saucer stuff was all about?

You mean you don't smell the coffee yet?

I remember back — way back — when I was in grade school I was assigned a research paper on one of the teacher's favorite God-country-motherhood-apple pie institutions.

Apparently she just wanted to convince us of its importance... what better way than to have her poor students dig up all the proof for ourselves?

Not being all that knowledgeable about research in those days, and as luck would have it...

...I first came across a highly negative view on her apple pie institution.

The footnotes on that article led me to a dozen other articles with the same view...

...and each of those to a dozen more.

Before long I had accumulated a mountain of evidence to support this view.

I was not only totally convinced...

... I had a carload of statistics and expert opinions to support my case. 

When I gave my well documented report in class, the students seemed immediately convinced....

....and the teacher was immediately horrified.

Seems I should have presented "the other truth"...

...which I could have easily done had I come across it first.

And I could have cited just as many statistics and just as many experts to prove the point.

Fact is, truth can be just about anything you want it to be.

Take those Bible quoting people.

They've used the Bible to support slavery, segregation, even mass murder*...

...not to mention provide support for a whole raft of their conspiracies.

Truth is, a lot of people want to -- maybe even need to -- believe in conspiracies.

Plotting against and confronting some perceived  enemy gives their lives meaning.

And there is always new "evidence" seemingly popping up to feed their beliefs.

And, all evidence that doesn't support their beliefs is immediately discredited...

...and don't even let us catch you reading those lies!

They have the answer; case (and mind) closed; no need to look further.

Remember Jonestown, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Texas?

How could things like that possibly happen?


*Some people have objected to this -- people who have apparently not read the book of Leviticus where men, women and children were slaughtered until the streets flowed with blood, or read what Jesus reportedly said in Luke 19,27: "But these mine enemies, that would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me."