Study Guide for
Final Exam

- The final exam is comprehensive.  It will consist of about 150 questions from the Cybertext, primarily from the interactive tests and the puzzle quiz terms, and about 50 questions over Internet articles, instructional videos, and lectures.  

- The questions will be multiple-choice and matching.  The Internet test questions may be changed in some cases to thwart pure memorization.

- The exam will include at least one lighting plot. 

- There will be some time-code problems and some backtiming "clock" problems. The cybertext and the interactive tests include samples of both.  

- Bring a #2 pencil; we will be using a Scantron-type answer sheet. 

- Since it is a comprehensive exam, it's recommended that you look over the study guides for the tests we've had in class. That material will be covered again on the final. 

- If you have any questions over the test disk questions, the book readings, or things you are still unclear on from the last test, bring them up as soon as possible.

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