Sample Video Script


(ECU) Sprinkler Head #1

(ECU) Sprinkler Head #2

(ECU) Sprinkler Head #3


"Peter Gunn Theme" by Art of Noise.



(It smiles.)

(MS) Jeff walking across plaza toward camera and his car with sprinkler #3 in foreground.

(MS) Jeff on ground.

(2-S) Jeff and sprinkler.

(ECU) Sprinkler Head #3

(LS) Jess walks to his car.

(MLS) Low Angle. Sprinkler head #3, then rack focus to Jeff and then rackfocus back to sprinkler head #3.


(As he approaches, we see only his feet.)

(Jeff trips on sprinkler. In pain, he grabs his toe.)

(Jeff tries to pull sprinkler out of the ground; it doesn't work.)

(It smiles.)

(He admires his shiny, new car and carefully wipes a speck of dust off with a white handkerchief.)


(Sprinkler comes on, soaking both Jeff and his car.)


(ECU) Sprinkler #3

(MS) Jeff taking wrench from car. Camera follows as he sneaks up behind sprinkler #3.


(MS, bird's eye) Jess and sprinkler.

(ECU) Sprinkler #3


(Sprinkler stops. It smiles.)


(Jeff repeatedly tries but fails to take sprinkler head apart. Finally he gives up and throws the wrench down.)

(Sprinkler sputters water. Jeff gets wet again. Totally exasperated, he get up and stomps off.)

(Sprinkler smiles.)

Fade to black Fade out music.


Concept based on a student script submitted to a videography class.


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