Study Guide for Mid-Term

Over Lighting, Composition, Internet
Readings, Videos and Class Lectures

  • Be able to light an office interview (the standard two camera position ENG/EFP setup). Use proper symbols for lights, label lights, make sure light angles are within 10 degrees of formula. I will give you a practice sheet in class. Study over the file
  • Thoroughly understand the two major variations in formula lighting (to enhance surface detail and to hide surface detail/problems). Be able to handle drawings of each and spell out the differences between this standard formula lighting.
  • Be able to figure out key, fill, back and background intensities when only key intensity is given.
  • Know color theory and additive and subtractive color wheel interactions. (For this part of lighting you'll need to be sure you understand the modules covering color.)

  • Very thoroughly study lighting modules.
  • Check your notes on the lighting lecture.
  • Check notes on the lecture on composition.
  • Read the Internet articles assigned on the calendar schedule.

This is a major test. If you have questions ASK.

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