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Course Materials and Calendar

-- Calendar for January

-- Calendar for February

-- Calendar for March

-- Calendar for April

-- Cybertext Index

-- Students' / Assignments Scorecard

Information, Readings and Forms

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-- Notes for Students

-- Getting a Permanent E-Mail Address

-- Forum

-- Video Projects

-- The Internet Tests

-- Interactive Crosswords

-- Class Syllabus

-- Personal Conference Form

-- The News Media's Role in International Politics

-- Word Squares

-- Are Our Freedoms and Our Values in Conflict?

-- Computer Literacy

-- The Decline of TV News

-- Writing A Film Treatment

-- Sex Research, Censorship and the Law

-- Film vs. Video

-- Professional and Moral Decisions

-- Index for Readings and Forms

-- Personal Data Form for Class Videos

-- Research on Violence

-- Model Release / Location Release

-- Television Research/Information

-- Frequently Asked Questions

-- Cybertext Revision Information

-- Mass Media Modules

-- Bibliography of Readings

-- Youth, Broadcasting and Sex


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