(The first test is mainly over lecture material on film.)


Study Guide For First Test

1. Know f-stops and percent of light increase/decrease for moving up and down f-stop range.

2. Know about "pushing film" by f-stops and ASA/ISO speeds.

3. Know film gages and associated applications.

4. Know about noise reduction/enhancement systems.

5. (Big point items.) Know how to convert various amounts of time into film seconds. For example, know how to convert 10 minutes into 5 seconds; how to stretch out 1/2 second into 5 seconds of on-screen time. Try out other possibilities until you are familiar with this general process.  NOTE: you were sent e-mail with several test question examples.

6. Know the advantages and disadvantages of film compared to video. (See readings Film vs. Video and Film/Tape in web section.)

7. Study over the web tests.

8. Review the assigned Internet readings.

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